Our Services

Our Services

Custom Software Solutions

Automate your processes

OutCons is ready to help you identify and bridge the remaining gaps between your out of the box solution and your business needs.

Project Management

Stay on target

OutCons IT project management help companies stay on target through proven delivery and management methods with years of professional expertise.

Learning Management

Optimize your performance

Our consultants can help you optimize your Learning Management System and the infrastructure around it to accelerate talent potential.

eLearning Content Development

Create impactful content

Creating beautiful, meaningful, and impactful content is what drives the experts on our eLearning team

Turn on Custom Software Solutions

High-quality service in programming and sofware development is essential to your business. Our team can take any idea and identify requirements, create several designs, develop the code to meet the needs, test, and ultimately deploy whether in our hosted environment or in the environment you choose.

Out of the box sofware may meet most of your business needs, OutCons is ready to help you identify and bridge the remaining gaps between your out of the box solution and your business needs.

In concert with our project management services, the development team can help you augment your team or we can completely staff your project from beginning to end of lifecycle with developers, designers, administrators and maintenance teams.


Outsourcing the development work to Bulgaria allows us to lower client’s overall cost while ensuring the highest quality of work. To read more about outsourcing services click here.

What we offer

We provide the following sofware development services and more:

  • System Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Application Development
    - Web
    - Mobile (iOS, Android)
    - Desktop (Windows)
  • UI Programming
  • Web Services
  • Integration Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

Turn on Project Management

IT Project management is essential to any technology business endeavor. From simple installations to major overhauls, strong project skills ensure work is completed on time, within budget and meet the required specific business needs. Without the appropriate approach to both short-term and long-term installations and development, it is easy to lose track of scope or get off target.

OutCons IT project management outsourcing solutions help companies stay on target through proven delivery and management methods. Our team of project managers have experience in various project management methodologies such as Agile, BizXpert and ASAP. Weconsistently deliver on time!

What we offer

We provide the following Project Management services:

  • Focus on project delivery competencies beyond requirements gathering
  • Process improvement and requirements management
  • Change management
  • Project management office
  • Project portfolio management
  • Tool selection and implementation

Turn on Learning Management

Employees need to be able to access information in a quick and easy way. Sales people, Manufacturing Floor Employees, even C-Level officers need a quick and easy way to access information in a variety of ways.

Whether mobile, on premise behind a secure firewall, or hosted in the cloud, our consultants can help you optimize your Learning Management System and the infrastructure around it to allow your constituents to get information when they want it and how they need it to perform in this global economy.

We have significant experience in SABA, Blackboard, SAP Learning Solution, Success Factors Learning as well as many other Learning Management Systems.

Custom User Interface for LMS

OutCons experienced consultants can help you realize a custom look and feel for your SuccessFactors Learning end user interface. Our consultants are experienced with the existing APIs, content launch, single-sign-on, and mobile interface technology. We can help you get targeted programs and courses to your end users! Our team has had lead roles in the design and development of custom UIs. Let our experienced team help you realize your specific business requirements.

What we offer

Our Learning Management Services can help you optimize your performance with the following services:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) implementation
  • LMS reconfiguration and optimization
  • Custom sofware and mobile applications
  • Custom user interface (LMS UI)
  • Infrastructure review and optimization
  • Content management systems
  • Governance and process
  • Consulting
  • Data and content migration
  • 3-rd party content integration
  • SCORM/AICC courseware integration

Turn on eLearning Content Development

Creating beautiful, meaningful, and impactful content is what drives the experts on our eLearning team. We work with our clients to help improve performance, safety, and compliance and to meet the needs of our clients requirements. We create enhanced graphics, interactive-videos, and interactive fact-based content to help ensure knowledge transfer and retention. We can deliver your content through Ayris - our cloud-based learning distribution system, or through your in house LMS.


We have decades of experience making eLearning content work with various LMS and interactive systems. We have significant experience in SABA, CornerStone, Blackboard, SAP Learning Solution, SuccessFactors Learning, as well as many other learning management systems.

What we offer

We provide the following eLearning content services and more:

  • SCORM/AICC Courseware integration
  • Custom courseware development
  • Full instructional design services
  • Video creation and mass distribution
  • Voiceover and acting talent coordination
  • Adjust and maintain existing content
  • Legacy course conversion
  • Mobile content development
  • Gamification analysis and execution
  • Custom gamification apps
  • Report development

Why OutCons


We define quality in a very simple way: our customers must be totally satisfied!


OutCons has brought together highly skilled professionals who understand how to bring people, process and technology together.


We appreciate long-term business relationships and believe that delivering exactly what we promise when we promise it, is a key to helping our clients achieve their goals.


We maintain the balance between well-tried practices and innovative approaches. Keeping up to date on the latest technologies and development processes.

Effective and Efficient

We help you to find the right way to achieve your business objectives. Our solutions are focused on increasing your potential and profitability through saving time and reducing cost.


We are here to ensure that our clients development business goals can be completed. Our team is always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your success.

Why Outsource

Cost Savings

The lowering of the overall cost of the service to the business. This will involve reducing the scope, defining quality levels, re-pricing, re-negotiation, cost re-structuring.

Focus on Core Business

Resources (for example investment, people, infrastructure) are focused on developing the core business.

Improve Quality

Achieve a step change in quality through contracting out the service with a new service level agreement.


Access to intellectual property and wider experience and knowledge.

Operational Expertise

Access to operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.

Programming Expertise

Use of challenging programming technologies, with developers being well versed in .NET, Java, PHP, open source, desktop, web and mobile programming.

Access to Talent

Access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills, in particular in science and engineering.

Capacity Management

An improved method of capacity management of services and technology where the risk in providing the excess capacity is borne by the supplier.

Reduce Time to Market

The acceleration of the development or production of a product through the additional capability brought by the supplier.

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